Catering invoice: 6 tips to save money easily

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26 March 2014 by bizavcatering

As a private flight attendant, catering is a concern: you have to plan all what you need for your flight, to take in consideration what your passengers like/dislike, allergies.

And on top of all of that, your company is asking you to respect a budget : the flight was sold very down. How can you manage it all?


In this situation, here is a little help.

1- Choose a proper catering partner

For private aviation, select a caterer dedicated to this industry. It is a way to avoid hidden fees and get exactly the quantity you pay for. Many restaurants, receiving orders for private aviation, sell at a highest price only because it is for private aviation where money runs!

Consider also the fact that food safety will be guaranteed by a catering but not by a restaurant…

2- Order in direct

It is obvious but the first to do is to contact your caterer in direct. Avoid all intermediaries like on line plateform… All of them charge their own margin/commission on top of your catering bill.

Having a direct contact will allow you to better communicate with your caterer and let him know about your request.

3- Clear Communication

Having this direct contact, you can clearly expose what you expect and most of all, inform the caterer about your budget limit. Having it in mind, the caterer will be able to make food according to this budget. Let’s take an example, if the catering has a selection of canapes probably too expensive for your budget, he can make some different and simpler, but adapted to your budget.

The more information you give to the caterer, the better suggestions you will get to optimize your budget like: number of passengers, length of your flight, women or men on board.

4- Order simple

To keep control over your order, ask for dishes made by your catering avoiding extra that have to be purchased outside. Forget about pastries from Lenôtre, your catering can make them for you. You can also substitute your usual brand of mineral water to a local brand, obviously less expensive…

5- Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

Back to the catering bill, do not forget to give a copy of your AOC : the caterer will be able to invoice you ex VAT. For your information, this makes a huge difference as depending on the item ordered the French VAT goes up to 20%. To avoid this extra cost, a simple AOC copy will delete it ! If you never used/heard about this option, just ask the Pilot, he knows it for sure!

6- Partnership

We commonly say loyalty pays. Always using the same catering in the airports you are mostly working makes your job easier. The caterer knows what and how you expect your order to be.

With a limited budget, your catering partner will be able to make its best efforts and more (!) to help you. You selected your catering for quality and service; helping you in such situation is part its job, don’t you think ?!


This few tips to help you reducing your catering invoice are the major ones, but as all orders and situation are different you have many other possibilities to reduce your bill.

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