Summer time, time to change your habits!

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1 August 2014 by bizavcatering

TapasIt’s summer time, time for holidays, time for a few days off… at least for your passengers. As a Flight Attendant, you are still working but not exactly the same way compared to the rest of the year… Your passengers are in a different mood and probably flying for other reasons than for business.

In this context, you can take advantage of it for your catering orders : you can make them different, more casual. In August, your passengers are not business minded and flights are not made to be as productive as usual. If there is a month when you can change the in flight habits, it is now!

So, how to adapt yourself to a more casual on board service? This may seem difficult at first glance… but having a second though it is not that hard and it would be deeply appreciated by your passengers.

So let’s do it !


  • Starting point

Prepare a totally different on board service does not mean you have to start over. You may first consider your passengers’ basic needs: what she/he likes/dislikes or cannot eat because of health or religious reasons… Do not forget it because there will never be any change in that regard !


  • Cut from a traditional catering

This question is the key point. All year long, you place almost always the same kind of orders. You have to be productive fulfilling expectations on quality and effectiveness. Please, break the rules for one month !

On a traditional business flight, you have to feed your passengers with fast and good dishes. Let’s do the other way for August. With no stress and no business meetings, your passenger are more opened to new suggestions, they should be more focus on food than ever…

Unless asked by your passengers, the first move would be to order anything BUT what you usually order the rest of the year! Forget about the chicken Caesar salad or even the traditional menu made up of starter, main course and dessert. You have to add a bit of change, or a bit of fun to your meal/snack…


  • A buffet-like order

When I say fun, I mean a different approach of food on board… Why don’t you try a kind of buffet where passengers can grab what they want? In this case go for an order displayed on trays instead of single plates. It can be cold meats, cold mezzeh or tapas! In such case, go into details to add selections of dips, sauces, and various ingredients passengers would discover and pick up together with the main dish. You can also play with a bigger selection of breads and crackers for example. Anything is possible !


  • Local food

An other idea would be to ask your catering supplier to provide local dishes (from the region or country) in order to make your passengers discover a different food offer.

You could be amazed by the wide variety of dishes. Your passengers usually eat pizza, you could try a Pissaladière. It is a kind of pizza without tomato sauce. Or if you order a fish, why don’t you choose a white butter sauce (Sauce au beurre blanc) instead of a lemon sauce? It is exactly the same for dessert, you can have so many other things than Ladurée macarons or any other established brand names…


  • Think global !

A meal can be anything… and more than just a meal ! Surprise your passengers. It is time to please them with a different way of displaying the dishes. Or why not adding a little detail like an individual box of chocolates or fruits jelly as a welcome gift ? Or fold napkins in a less traditional way?

These little details will make the difference as the passengers, for sure, will value time and efforts you spend for them.


Thanks to these changes, you will create a more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere which shall be highly appreciated. The added value will be kept in mind by your passengers for longer than you think… So it’s now time to use your creativity and client knowledge and put into practice these advices. Enjoy your summer time!

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