End of summer, back to normal business!

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8 September 2014 by bizavcatering


Summer is nearly over and your passengers are going back to normal business, so you have to switch to a more formal way of travelling and place your catering orders…

After this holiday season, let me give you the basics to remind you how to make it easy and fast!


1- How to selectyour catering company

The easiest way is the word of mouth from people you trust, not from anybody else you would answer me, and you are right! But sometimes you might be in an airport where you don’t know any catering and none of your friend can tell you… In such case, you can ask your FBO or anybody else but make sure they give you a decent catering; they can drive you to a friend of them only…

To avoid such uncomfortable position, do not hesitate to contact the catering company and ask them if they have all permissions especially on sanitary, photos of the facility… The kitchen must be close to the airport, not only the offices (a bad catering is usually a company producing or sub-contracting the production far away from the airport…). Please keep in mind that even an American Catering Chain can be surprising talking about hygiene…

2- Weaknesses in ordering your catering from a restaurant

Apart from areas like Africa or in very small airports where you have no other options, ordering your catering from a restaurant is not a good idea.

A restaurant is producing the dishes on the menu to be consumed right after cooking, and not 4 hours later. As a result, ordering from a restaurant increase the food poisoning risks…

On the logistical side of it, restaurant do not have the proper packaging (usually too bulky) and no access to the airport. That makes the order harder to manage. Very often, we are contacted by F.A. for an a.s.a.p. order because the restaurants’ order will not be delivered on time… Avoid such a stress!

3- Give as many details as possible

To make sure your order will be the way you want, be as detailed as possible keeping in mind the catering knows only what you tell. Important information is not the names of your passengers, because we know their names: VIP!!

More seriously, the caterer needs to get all quantities requested for each single dish ordered, number of pax on board, allergies, type of packaging needed…

4- Tight budget…

It is back to normal business time and your company is asking you to make savings on your orders. In such case, inform your catering company when you send the order to find a solution of your concern.

And in this case, contact your catering directly so nobody will add more fees on your catering invoice…

With this little reminder, you can now easily go back to your catering orders and make sure your flight will be cool!

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