Eat safe : choose the right catering

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25 September 2014 by bizavcatering

image001_0Flight Attendant, you are the first to know that eating on board is something everybody is expecting and you are the one to manage it. But as a professional, you also know that having food on board is something very hard to manage: the galley is the last thing taken in consideration in interior designs and space is very limited.

You therefore have to rely on catering companies dedicated to aviation in priority because they understand your concerns (space limitation, packaging, re-heating,…). But you never know the quality providing by them as it goes from very good to very poor, unless you already know the catering company yourself…

So how to eat safe when it is the first time in an airport?

1-    Identifly the level of catering needed

In the private aviation industry, always keep in mind you have 3 different levels of catering:
–    Catering companies dealing with commercial aviation that can also produce for private aviation: the quality will be average based on the commercial aviation standards,
–    Independent catering companies : these companies are focused on private aviation and are producing the food on-demand respecting your requests as much as possible
–    “Chain store” catering: under a same brand name, you will get access to a fast food catering approach.

2-    How to select the good airline catering?

Once you know about the quality and budget you want, you have to identify what catering company is in the level you need.

The easiest to identify are the commercial “chain store” catering.
The independent catering are more difficult to get to know and quality can be very different from one to another. But this is the catering level best made for your needs: you have VIP on board.
Apart from the word of mouth which is important, but not enough, you have to check if the company has:
–    Access to the FBO and/or the tarmac
–    All the hygiene and safety certifications: this will allow you to rely or not on them. The EC certification is the best and make sure they do not have a simple dispensation. In case of a food problem, you and your company would be blamed. The risk of food poisoning is very high… (ask for the certification number, it should start with the country code followed by numbers)
–    Its production made in the facility and not sub-contracted in any other kitchen around: aviation safety and risk of food problems is very high.

You must have full answers on these 3 subjects to place your order.

If you have time, the best is to visit the catering facility and you will quickly understand what quality you will get out of the kitchen…

3-    Anticipation: ask your caterer !

To get access to the good catering, do not hesitate to ask the good catering companies you trust in other airports, they should drive you to the good catering company in the airport you are going to.

You will be able to truly rely on the information given. Being experts in catering, they know a lot, have connections and will give you a free commission information!
Avoid therefore all the « on line catering solutions » or any in between companies who will charge you to drive you to where they have business partnership…

4-    Mistake to avoid

Avoid ordering in Restaurants, even the most famous ones and in airports. Dishes made in restaurant are made to be eaten right after cooking. Your order is made to be eaten at least 5 hours later, plus food from restaurants will be delivered not always in a cold truck. This is two reasons to get food increasing risks of food contamination.

Eating safe thanks to the local independent catering you found will make your flight smooth, easy and happy!

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