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  1. Is Sous Vide ‘the next big thing’ in aviation catering?

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    3 July 2014 by bizavcatering

    It’s the latest gastronomic craze, and supposedly guarantees perfect results, but is sous vide just a posh version of boil-in-the-bag?

    by Paula Kraft, founder and President of Atlanta, GA-based Tastefully Yours Catering.

  2. Catering at Paris-Le Bourget, since 1927

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    14 May 2014 by bizavcatering

    Catering at Paris-Le Bourget Airport has a very special place in aviation history. Indeed, the first food experience on board was the luxury Silver Wing lunch service introduced by Imperial Airways, on May 1st 1927. This was a lunch service on commercial flight from Croydon, London to Le Bourget, Paris

  3. Flight Attendants: how easily make THE difference with catering?

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    28 February 2014 by bizavcatering

    A catering order to prepare is not an easy job!
    On the one hand, you have to take in consideration so many important things: what the passengers like/dislike? Allergies? Religion?… On the other hand, you cannot spend a lot of time to prepare it

  4. Five Golden rules for a good catering selection

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    12 February 2014 by bizavcatering

    You are a Flight attendant arriving for the first time in an airport and, unfortunately you know nothing about the catering companies but your passengers are very demanding. How can you select the catering company

  5. Art of Ordering Aviation Catering

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    14 January 2014 by bizavcatering

    Art, you ask ? Seriously? I am not kidding when I say art. This is one of the most important aspects of getting the correct catering for your passengers and flight crews.

    by Paula Kraft, founder and President of Atlanta, GA-based Tastefully Yours Catering.

    I realize that I have discussed this topic in the past, but

  6. About BizAv Catering

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    28 December 2013 by bizavcatering

    BizAv Catering is a blog about food catering for private aviation.

    It aims to bring news, tips and best practices about this activity for professionals aviation staff and passengers.

    BizAv catering is an intiative of Uppersky Catering based at Aéroport Paris-Le Bourget and offering a very high standard service of catering.