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  1. What does safety mean in aviation catering?

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    29 January 2015 by bizavcatering

    Aviation has always been very exposed to Security & Safety concerns. Being on the age, safety & security have early been incorporated in all aspects of the everyday work of this very specific industry. Unfortunately, in the context of terrorism Western countries and France are currently facing up, we all have to go further by being more focus on it than ever.

  2. Aviation catering : a matter of safety & security

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    20 January 2015 by bizavcatering

    Western countries and France are currently going through a very difficult situation putting aviation on the age. Terrorism is the new plague we have to seriously fight against and all aspects of our everyday work and private life have to incorporate new habits. Safety is becoming THE priority by anticipating all aspects of what you do to avoid a serious crisis : all what you are doing has direct a consequence on safety…

  3. Aviation catering: don’t order a restaurant!

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    14 October 2014 by bizavcatering

    When comes time to work on a catering order, most of Flight Attendants are considering either to send it to the aviation catering or to a restaurant… Think carefully! In case you are not in a very small airport or in Africa, I have to warn you about the consequences of a restaurant order…

  4. Eat safe : choose the right catering

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    25 September 2014 by bizavcatering

    Flight Attendant, you are the first to know that eating on board is something everybody is expecting and you are the one to manage it. But as a professional, you also know that having food on board is something very hard to manage: the galley is the last thing taken in consideration in interior designs and space is very limited.

  5. End of summer, back to normal business!

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    8 September 2014 by bizavcatering

    Summer is nearly over and your passengers are going back to normal business, so you have to switch to a more formal way of travelling and place your catering orders…

    After this holiday season, let me give you the basics to remind you how to make it easy and fast!

  6. Summer time, time to change your habits!

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    1 August 2014 by bizavcatering

    It’s summer time, time for holidays, time for a few days off… at least for your passengers. As a Flight Attendant, you are still working but not exactly the same way compared to the rest of the year… Your passengers are in a different mood and probably flying for other reasons than for business.

    In this context, you can take advantage of it for your catering orders : you can make them different, more casual. In August, your passengers are not business minded and flights are not made to be as productive as usual. If there is a month when you can change the in flight habits, it is now!

  7. Summer catering: keep it fresh!

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    21 July 2014 by bizavcatering

    It is summer, time to enjoy sun, warm weather and get tanned! This is a great moment because everything becomes easier under the sun… are you sure?!…

    As a Flight Attendant, you perfectly know tarmac is excessively cold during winter time and extremely hot in the summer. You have to place and receive your catering order and of course, apart from the fact your galley is very small, how to store your food to keep it good to eat?