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  1. Le Bourget anniversary: 40 years of business aviation

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    8 July 2014 by bizavcatering

    To celebrate Paris Le Bourget airport 100th anniversary, a huge airshow will take place on July 13th 2014. With 60 aircrafts and a demonstration by the ‘Patrouille de France’, this event is the occasion to demonstrate the importance of this airport in the general aviation history.

    However, since the 70’s and the gradual transfer of commercial activities to Orly and Roissy, Le Bourget has become a platform only dedicated to private and business aviation. During those last 40 years, this activity has known important changes. Let’s go back to this specific history of Paris Le Bourget.

  2. What to expect from Aviation catering

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    16 April 2014 by bizavcatering

    Surprisingly you would answer with one word: Food! Yes, but not only!

    A Corporate Flight Attendant is in charge of what is the most important: taking care of VIP passengers and make sure they have what they want, with premium service. At the end the job is to keep the passenger loyal!