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  1. Summer time, time to change your habits!

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    1 August 2014 by bizavcatering

    It’s summer time, time for holidays, time for a few days off… at least for your passengers. As a Flight Attendant, you are still working but not exactly the same way compared to the rest of the year… Your passengers are in a different mood and probably flying for other reasons than for business.

    In this context, you can take advantage of it for your catering orders : you can make them different, more casual. In August, your passengers are not business minded and flights are not made to be as productive as usual. If there is a month when you can change the in flight habits, it is now!

  2. Summer catering: keep it fresh!

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    21 July 2014 by bizavcatering

    It is summer, time to enjoy sun, warm weather and get tanned! This is a great moment because everything becomes easier under the sun… are you sure?!…

    As a Flight Attendant, you perfectly know tarmac is excessively cold during winter time and extremely hot in the summer. You have to place and receive your catering order and of course, apart from the fact your galley is very small, how to store your food to keep it good to eat?